Our History

McClure tables were started by Todd and Judy McClure, who for over 30 years operated retail stores in the billiard and gameroom industry. This shuffleboard company was started to provide the highest quality shuffleboards available in our industry. Todd and Judy have over 30 years experience in the sales, installation and service of shuffleboard tables and gameroom products. We have also worked extensively with manufacturers to design products and improve production techniques. It is upon this experience we draw from to engineer one of the finest shuffleboard tables available on the market.

We leave nothing to chance and control every aspect of our shuffleboards production. We oversee the selection of hard rock maple wood used to manufacture our shuffleboards. We process the lumber, cut and surface to size and laminate our play surface. We are one of only two shuffleboard companies in the world who build and produce the playboards in house in their own RF press. We are the only one who uses Hard Maple not soft maple and we are the only shuffleboard factory located where the hard maple trees grow Michigan.

We are located in Grand Rapids, Michigan and ship worldwide. We are a family run business and take personal pride in our products. As retailers for many years now running our own factory that produces what we sell directly to the end user we have found the nature of custom build products is not always affordable option open to all consumers.

The purpose of the McClure Reserve site is to make tables in more production run fashion where we put some of our most popular styles finish colors and sizes in stock and on the shelf. Think of it as a way to buy a custom made product that is the same quality as the first class models normally custom ordered one at a time but with the advantage of buying out of a retail warehouse stock. This will allow us to offer the same quality at some discounted prices but everything available on this site is based on inventory on hand. 

We hope you will find The McClure Reserve site a shopping alternative to still afford a custom made McClure Premium shuffleboard and avoid the mark up of traditional retail stores and settle for a factory produced shuffleboard table.